When you give a runner a soccer ball… or a frisbee…

Growing up, my parents didn’t force me into any one sport. In middle school, I “played” volleyball. I put it in quotes because I was not very good. I dabbled in running. Then in high school, I started to actually discover running and that was pretty much it for the next five years. Sophomore year of college – maybe freshman, I don’t remember – I started climbing and, once I had an apartment, took up yoga. More recently, there’s been a tiny bit of swimming, and of course lifting. But you may notice something is lacking from that list – anything involving bats, balls, skates, etc. Nothing involving more coordination than my own body.

I would like to be able to play casual games of soccer or toss a frisbee around. I’m working on the latter, kind of, but tonight was a sad display of how much external coordination I lack. After a while, I could at least get the frisbee to go in roughly the right direction, but it almost always fell far short of my goal. And soccer – let’s just say that if I had shame, it would have been shameful. Luckily I was with good friends who mocked me while giving me actual helpful advice, so I could eventually get the ball to go farther than, say, ten feet (I am not exaggerating). But I want to expand my skill set (read as “be less laughably terrible at kicking and throwing things”). Just because.

On a running-related note, I’ve been feeling oddly unmotivated to run this week, partially because I’m worried about my shins and partially because I planned on doing a longer run but kept waking up too late to get out to the trails. Which is a bummer because the weather this week has been absolutely lovely, nice and cool and not that humid. I’ll get to it eventually.

In the meantime, I made chocolate vegan pudding chock-full of protein.

1 block silken tofu
3 scoops (3/4C) soy protein powder
About 3/4C soy milk
1/4C cocoa powder
PB and sweetener to taste, plus toppings of your choice. Raspberries were also delicious.

Just throw it in a food processor and eat!

Peace love and yummy healthy(?) things,


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