An excellent fall run (10.5 miles of gorgeous golden foliage)

I had good motivation for my run this morning – a new short running video featuring who else but Tony? And, of course, the perfect running weather: mostly overcast but with a few sunny patches, high 50s, and no rain. Mmmmm. Fall running.

I set off, planning to be out for about 90 easy minutes. It was such a good run, though, that I added on just a smidge more. I was on trails for almost all of my run and was dwarfed by towering golden maples forming magnificent autumnal arches, soft red pine needles and loamy fallen leaves underfoot. It was quiet and still and mostly devoid of human life, save myself and a few others (including one lovely older gentleman with his corgi, who I ran into several times since I was doing loops around the park), and as I breezed along the solitary trails, I found myself in that sweet spot where your mind is blissfully blank and your legs keep themselves smoothly in motion and your arms swing close but loose of their own volition, leaving you to melt into your surroundings and move with it rather than through it, as a separate entity might.

I looped around three, maybe four times (so it might be more like 13 miles) and kept feeling good but, having learned my lesson on Saturday, headed back around 90 minutes in because I hadn’t eaten much yet and was starting to feel my performance decrease. On the last mile stretch of trail, I saw a woman running some distance ahead of me. Naturally I had to catch her, this being cross country season and all, so I had a decently quick finish and followed it up with a luxurious stretching session afterwards (my poor hips – I need to do some yoga!).

I don’t have pictures for you because I don’t take my phone with me unless I have my Nathan pack, but you know what fall looks like. I hope. I’m feeling good about a 50k in the near-ish future. Now I’m going to go eat some things and then climb.

peace love and fall running,

PS. A while ago (June, maybe? July?), I submitted a question to the Ask the Coach section of Trail Runner and what do you know, they picked it. Which means I get free running sunglasses. Which makes the magazine even cooler. Man I’d love to work for them someday… *nudge nudge wink wink* If you aren’t already reading it, start ASAP. This is not an advertisement, it’s life advice.


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