It’s the simple things.

It’s not quite Thanksgiving, but I’m still allowed to be grateful, right?

Yesterday was bitterly cold. We’re going through something of a miniature polar vortex this week, meaning I haven’t run since… Sunday, I think. But not running gave me the opportunity to hang out at a bookstore, get dinner, share desserts, and study with two of my best friends. We’re all busy with school and jobs and social lives, so it’s supremely comforting when we can actually all hang out together. Especially once we’ve settled in for the evening with plenty of pillows and blankets, hot tea and calm music while the far-too-early winter winds howl outside. The radiators hiss and fill the apartment with steamy heat. The cats curl on our legs. We sip our tea. We laugh. We talk. We don’t talk. We show each other cat pictures. We avoid running in the near-zero windchill because hey, it’s November. We didn’t sign up for this.

Few things in life are perfect, but to me, my friends are. They make me happy when skies are grey… which is a lucky thing, since it seems like these stubborn clouds have moved in for the winter.

peace and love,