January recap

Wow, I just realized I haven’t posted anything since the “looking back” post. Understandable, actually, since I’ve barely run 55 miles this whole month – a winning combo of one f*ckin’ cold week, a few sick days, and (here’s a new thing!) actually having to put effort into my classes. Homework and all that. Who’da thunk it? Also, the whole “balance” thing – aka, hanging out with my friends more than I did last year. Which has been stellar.

I just registered for the Pinckney Trail Half Marathon at the end of April (it pains me to type it), but I ran 11.5 today and felt great so I might bump up to the marathon. Maybe – fingers crossed – I could even make the 50k happen. But I’m not going to think about that too much, otherwise it will become an all-consuming idea and anything less will be construed as failure in my mind. Either way, three of my very best friends from high school cross country are also signed up for the half, so we can train together again. Combining social AND running – look at me go, balancing like a champ.

For the most part, most of my runs have been pretty short but okay, although last Friday’s was a bit of a disaster. I had a great 8 miler on Thursday night, but foolishly deadlifted too much right after, effectively murdering my hamstrings and lower back for the next few days. So running was out until today (well, yesterday, but I was hungry and also wanted to hang out), but thankfully there doesn’t seem to have been any damage done. Oh, also I’m pretty sure my ribcage cartilage has been inflamed for a number of weeks now, but it doesn’t seem to impact running, so I’m calling it Good To Go.

I did have one nice nighttime run, and I wrote this:

There’s something about running at night when it’s snowy that I just love. Everything is soft and muted yet slightly illuminated from city light reflecting off the clouds and snow-covered ground. It’s a slightly surreal feeling, just whishing through shadowy forests, not quite able to make out the trail’s surface, running on instinct and quick reaction. The snow and dark might slow you down a little, but for me, it always feels somewhat ethereal and quick. Like a silent deer running unseen, unheard, through the woods. Simple. Serene.

That’s about it. I’m going to make tea now. And hopefully it’ll stay runnable weather and I’ll, you know, actually run and write about it.

peace love and warm mittens,