14 followed by a snowstorm

There’s flour on my screen. Hold on.

Much better. That’s what I get for making cookies. (AND chilling the dough overnight. Can I get a round of applause for the self-restraint I’m showing for not eating all the dough right now?) Anyway, I decided to use the 50k training plan in Relentless Forward Progress (by Bryon Powell of iRunFar) with the assumption that I’ll be racing the Buckeye Buster 50k on June 6 in Ohio. I’ve run two 50ks on that course, and though it’s hilly, I like it as well as the race atmosphere. I was too tempted to try to load up on a ridiculous mileage increase and try for the 50k at the end of April, so this is a nice, solid plan for me.

I’m jumping in a few weeks in, so the long run yesterday was supposed to be 16. Seeing as I’d run 11.5 on Wednesday, I decided to just do about 14 – ended up clocking in just over 13.5. I’ll take it. It didn’t feel as smooth as Wednesday’s run, but my pace was okay until pretty much the last mile. I ended up stopping briefly to stretch my calves/feet twice because there’s been something funky going on with my right arch recently. At first I thought it was just cramping, but I think it’s either the posterior tibialis tendon or the dreaded plantar fascia. Either way, I made an effort to ease up the pace whenever it felt like it was starting to twinge, and I walked up a couple hills I would have run up otherwise because the pain sets in when the big toe pushes off, which is emphasized while running uphill. I also made an effort to be conscious of where I landed on my right foot the whole time, which was kind of distracting. But all that led to a pain-free run, which was nice. It was snowy but kind of warm, in the twenties, with some sun. I stretched a bit and rolled my feet afterwards, which felt great.

I’m supposed to run 5 today (though I was thinking of doing 6-7 to make up for yesterday), but it’s a veritable snowstorm outside. We’ve gotten several inches since this morning, and even walking a few blocks to and from the grocery store was tedious. But I don’t want to run on a treadmill and the indoor track is already a mile away… unless I run 6 miles on a 1/8-mile track… 48 loops… oy vey. Maybe if the treadmills were at a window instead of in a dingy 70s-era basement.

Or maybe I’ll make today my rest day and run tomorrow, do a long yoga session here instead… after this cookie dough digests.  😛

Stay warm and cozy, everyone! Or go out and freeze your beards/eyebrows. Whatever you fancy.


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