In which I run on a treadmill and do not want to eject my body out the window in front of it

Last time I posted, I had decided to just focus on consistency and getting a good base again. I am happy to report than over the last two-three weeks, I’ve been running pretty much every other day, though I’ve only done about 8 for my longest. But that is a-okay because things are feeling fine.

My feelings towards treadmills are, I think, pretty universal among trail runners: AW HELL NO. I seem to remember the longest I could run on one before being consumed by misery and drudgery and all those things is about two miles. But sometimes, in the dead cold dark of February in Michigan, although the windchill may be hovering around zero instead of well below it, you just can’t bring yourself to run outside.

I wanted to run seven miles today, and to and from the gym is two, so I just needed to do five. I told myself that if I needed to, I could even split it up – though I knew that wouldn’t really be a quality run and didn’t want to do that. Weirdly enough, I felt guilty for running inside, like I was cheating on running outside even though it was cold, and even though that is totally irrational. I felt weak, like I should be running outside because it wasn’t really that cold… but I just ran and it was fine. I started out with barely any incline and slow, 9:10s or so, for the first mile. Sped up to 8:50s for the second mile and increased the incline. The third mile I went down to 8:35s and played with the incline a lot. Mile 4 was more steady, still on a slight incline and kept about the same pace, I think. Then for the last mile I upped the incline and ended up at 6:30 pace, walked a little afterwards, then did some light upper body lifting (what little my costochrondritis allows – I’ll take some over none!).

What I learned (subtitle: What I’ve read before but not paid attention to): Treadmills, though they may come nowhere close to comparing to running outside, do serve their purposes. They let us run comfortably when the weather would have us do otherwise. And, perhaps more importantly, they let us run uncomfortably in the same case. Running on snowy and icy trails is, as one would imagine, quite a bit slower than your normal pace. You’re still working hard, mainly trying to keep your feet under you, but it’s not the same as being able to push through a tempo run. Treadmills let you really control your pace – negative splits, hello! – and you can make things interesting (and better for trail training) by playing with the incline and pace. All in all, the run actually went by a lot faster than I thought it would and was much less boring than I thought. (I didn’t use music.) I could even see myself doing a longer run there, as long as I kept changing things up.

And now… SPRING BREAK 2015! In which I can do lots of physical activities in one day AND read AND make food without stressing about things too much. Good times.

peace love and making it through winter running,

PS. On the other hand… People are always saying, “How do you run in this cold? That’s CRAZY!” Well, it’s pretty simple. Layer up and cover your face and you’re pretty much good to go. Maybe some yak traks too.


One thought on “In which I run on a treadmill and do not want to eject my body out the window in front of it

  1. I caved in yesterday and ran on the treadmill for the first time this winter. But I actually loved it once I got warmed up. It was nice to get out of the cold and also to see my pace.


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