Alive and relatively well

I haven’t posted on here in ages, mostly because I haven’t been running much – primarily due to heath reasons which, frustratingly, are still partially unresolved. But I can at least run again, even though I’m still pretty out of shape. The farthest I’ve run is about seven, which is still good. And one unforeseen upside of this long, long, long break from running is that I have all my motivation for it back! I had gone through a period a while ago, I don’t even know when at this point, but I was questioning whether I actually liked running or was just pushing myself to keep running because it had defined me so much at various points in my life. But now I’m so happy to run anything at all again, and pretty much pain free (unless my chest freaks out and fakes a heart attack, but whatever), and my life is nicely balanced right now. It’s actually been a very nice transition back into running.

The downside of the health stuff: I have serious trepidation about going back to climbing and lifting because of all the joint pain and random, assorted inflammation I have going on. I still can’t do pushups or get strong hugs without my chest hurting. I threw a tennis ball a the dog park last week or so and my chest literally hurt for three days… so yeah, I’m thinking lifting heavy things is a bad idea. But doing some light freeweight work has been okay, so I’ll just stick to that.

Non-running things: applying to grad schools, finishing up a couple quantitative calc and chem classes to boost my background, and working in a geology lab. It’s busy but pretty great. And now I live with a corgi and a best friend PLUS my cats, and I built a table, so life is generally pretty great.

It’s late. I’ll do a photo review of the last couple months soon: I went on two geology field trips plus field camp out in Jackson Hole, so I have some Really Neat Rocks To Show People.

– bec