The overzealous runner

I, like most of you, like running (to say the least). When injury sidelines us, whether for a week or a year, our whole life is thrown out of balance. We get anxious, depressed, irritable – generally unpleasant to be around. So when we’re finally ready to run again, we run the risk of letting our excitement cloud our judgment. Maybe it’s a lack of self-control, or maybe it’s just an overabundance of enthusiasm, but personally, once I can run pain-free again, I go at it 110% and repress the memory of my seemingly distant months of injury.

In my mind, I’ve been back to running for what feels like months and months, but really, it’s only been since the beginning of September. Had I been keeping track of my weekly mileages like a responsible runner, I would have seen that my averages of 20 to 30 miles were far from the lofty 60-, 70-, 80-mile weeks dancing in my mind. Had I been keeping track of things, I would not have run 22 miles two Sundays ago and attempted 26 this past Sunday. Had I kept track of things, I wouldn’t have had to bail on my long run a mere six miles in because of shin pain, hip weakness, foot cramps, and a fun new outer-ankle pain that appeared a few days ago.

To wit: I was so excited to be able to run kind of far (18 miles) with relative ease that I let my mind get ahead of what my body is currently capable of doing safely, which is especially dangerous coming off of a long period of injury. I had this idea of myself as still being in the shape I was in 2012; I couldn’t accept that I’m not exactly in great distance shape right now. Mentally and cardiovascularly, maybe, but my shins aren’t ready to jump into the 45 miles I did last week (a huge jump from 28 the week before).

I spent a while yesterday reading sections on running addiction, overtraining, and shin stresses and fractures (as well as the female athlete triad) in The Lore of Running. While reading each of those sections, I found myself thinking, “Yep, that’s me. Exactly.” Increasing volume too rapidly – check. Vague shin pain – check. Reliance on running for mental stability/happiness – check. (Delusions of grandeur – check.) What I got out of it was a simple message: be realistic and be smart about running. Recovery and mileage buildup takes a long time. I can’t expect to be back in good, safe 50k shape after two or three months of running, no matter how many times I’ve read Eat & Run or To Be A Runner in that time.

So I’m going to bite the bullet of being realistic and aim for about 30-35 mile weeks for the time being. I cringe typing it when I think of my heydays of 70-80 mile weeks, but I’m at a different point in my running life right now, and that’s okay. I’d rather take as many months as I need to safely build back up to higher mileages than push too hard now and end up out of commission for another year.

Because if I’m grumpy for an entire year again, I will have no running buddies left.

peace love and grudgingly being smart about running,

PS. My long run on Sunday turned into a 6 mile run out, then a 4ish mile walk through the woods, which allowed me to take some (iPhone, but still) pictures. The park is beautiful this time of year; pictures don’t do the colors justice.


mileage 3/11 – 3/17 (first week back!)

Well, it was my first real week back from my stress fracture… and I think I may have jumped back in a little too eagerly, since for the last two or three runs, I’ve been feeling that stress fracture spot a little too keenly for my liking. Rather than my planned 18 today, then, I ended up doing a light six – far from ideal, but I definitely don’t want to have to take more time off. Plus, I have that half this Saturday for my Pikes Peak qualifier and I want to be able to do that.

So mileage this week was light, as expected, although it was definitely a breath of fresh air (literally, ha ha) to get back out on the trails.

Monday – prescribed rest day
Tuesday – am. 2.5 (in Bare Access)
pm. 8.5
Wednesday – 10.5
Thursday – 0 (unscheduled)
Friday – 8
Saturday – 13
Sunday – 6

Total: 48.5 miles

mileage 10/21 – 10/27

Another week that felt pretty easy because almost half of my miles were done on Saturday… but it was midterms week, so it’s ok. Going to try to 60 this week!

Sunday: 4
Monday: off (study day for the two exams the next day)
Tuesday: 4
Wednesday: 5.6 and 6.1, back to back (11.7)
Thursday: off
Friday: 9-10, not sure since it was just an exploring-trails kind of run
Saturday: 23! Great run, longest I’ve done since the 50M in September.

Total: about 53
Hours: 7.9

mileage/overview 10/7 – 10/13

I really should be better about posting mileage, so… here!

Sunday – 12
Monday – 11
Tues/Weds – off (climbing)
Thursday – 13-14ish (the Lost In The Woods run)
Friday – off
Saturday – 14

total: about 50 (not 100% sure about the trail distances, but it’s close enough)
total hours: 7:57

So not a heavy week, but a decent start back up. Now have some pictures!

This was yesterday’s (rainy, cold) run. I was planning on/hoping to do at least 18, but I think I only did about 14-15 because I just wasn’t dressed for the weather and staying out for another hour or so wouldn’t have been fun.

cider at the end of a run is the best  :)
Cider at the end of the run is the best.

Oven-roasted potatoes: olive oil, sage, thyme, salt, pepper, rosemary… pop ’em in at 425 for about 40 minutes (stirring halfway through). Delicious.

Sauteed veggies, always a classic.


naptime  🙂

Like I said, a good afternoon so far!

peace love and running!

weekly mileage: 72.5

higher mileage than usual because of my long run today…

sunday: 13.5
monday: 8
tuesday: 12
wednesday: 8
thursday: 0 (biked 1h)
friday: 0 (rest)
saturday: 32 (WHEW – on the course)

it goes without saying… good week. I want to run this much every week.

peace love and running!

PS. yep, I’m still awake… couldn’t go to bed when the Olympic track events were going on! (and I had brownies and ice cream… sugar!)