Tofu and sore everything

Last night, I went out for a short evening run and decided off the bat to see how fast I could do a 5k. I just used my phone gps so I’m not sure entirely how accurate it was, but I clocked in around 22:18 without too much difficulty – just the last (uphill) half mile. Short, fast runs/races are just so many levels of different from distance. Definitely fun to push myself and try to go all-out for 20 minutes. My high school PR was around 21:30, and that’s really the last time I can think of that I’d have run a 5k, so I think I can get down there or below fairly quickly

It wasn’t all fun and games, though, since after jogging around a little to cool down, I decided to do some strides – something I usually do after runs, even long ones, just to shake things out and focus on form. But for some reason (maybe it was the speed, or maybe the five hours of yoga I’d done earlier), within three to five seconds of starting, I felt a distinct pulling pain in my left quad. I pulled up short and limped to the porch to assess the damage. It felt like I’d pulled it for sure. I did’t stretch it too much in case it was torn and iced it before bed, which helped with the swelling. This morning (and currently, I’m icing it as we speak – err, I type, you read) it was still tender and stiff so I’m taking today super easy. I did an hour of non-strenuous yoga, skipped some of the more stretchy moves, and then made the following once I’d worked up an appetite.

Balsamic Lemon Tofu with Roasted Veggies (and quinoa/grain of choice)
Makes 2-3 servings (Becca-size). Adapted from here.

For the tofu:
(Oven at 375)
1 pkg firm or extra-firm tofu
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
2 T olive oil
1 T lemon juice
Parsley, paprika (~1/2 t), pinch of dill, salt, garlic, and onion powder to taste
Sesame seeds

Cube the tofu and tumble it all together; let sit for a while (longer is better, obviously, but if you’re hungry and impatient like me…) While that’s happening…

Veggies: 2 each zucchini and yellow squash, cube it up, toss with about 2 T olive oil, salt, garlic, rosemary, a pinch of thyme, pinch of oregano,fresh ground black pepper, and sage.

On two separate pans, bake for about 45 minutes total, flipping/stirring occasionally. Make whatever grain you’re having, if any, while it’s all baking. (And you could clean, too… nah). Wait for the things to cool a bit, stir it up, top with finely diced kalamata olives, and eat!

Thoughts for next time: I’d keep the tofu separate, actually, to enjoy the flavor better. While the flavors do mingle nicely, it’d be nice to savor them both. Also, I’d definitely let the tofu marinate for longer, and make sure that each cube is baked on each side. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s nice when they’re all firm and a little crisp on the outside. Lastly, some sauteed mushrooms and onions with thyme would go well with all this, but (a) I didn’t have an onion and (b) I was super hungry.

So there you go. I’m going to spend a while laying in bed, icing my quad and generally feeling like someone beat me with a bag of wet sand. Flipping yourself upsidedown a lot uses a lot of muscles, apparently.

peace love and noms!