Altras and micro-runs and beer, oh my


I haven’t written anything in a while since I haven’t been running – just climbing and working out – and I haven’t even really made any cool food, so there hasn’t been much to say. But hopefully that’s about to change. I ran ten minutes (1.4 mi) with absolutely no shin pain today – not even a touch of tenderness! I’m really hoping this means I can (ever so slowly) get back to running. Right now, the plan is just to do a few really short runs like that to see if running still leads to shin soreness or makes it worse; if so, I’ll go to the doc and get things checked out. If not – bombs away!

Also I got the Altra Superior around Christmas, which is what I ran in today and my last test run a week or two ago. They’re super comfy and feel great on my feet, although I have yet to see how the tread responds to loose trail terrain. So yeah. I also went with 10.5 instead of my usual 10, which I wouldn’t have expected since they’re such a wide fit already. #bigfoot

And two beer recommendations: New Holland Dragon’s Milk and Arcadia Ales Loch Down (bourbon stout and scotch ale, respectively). I do love Michigan’s craft beer situation.

Peace love and (fingers crossed!) running,

Grocery shopping done right.